12 Topics You Need In Your Real Estate Letters

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What our real estate letters say (without really showing them here …..)

  1. The fact that they won’t pay a real estate commission

As open as the MLS has become it makes less and less sense to pay for the full 6% for sales commissions. I had one buyer call me and tell me what her sales price was. i sent her over a contract and she rejected it. We used HER contract  and I bough the property for a great price that she determined because she was actually a savvy investor who wanted to get rid of the property quickly. The price on the contract was what went into the hip national bank. Her focus on the real estate letter we sent was this point and she took full advantage of it.

2) The fact that no inspection or appraisal will be required

By the way …  these are days lost that the retail seller has to pay for. The retail buyer has to be pay over priced rates for inspections and appraisals because they are ordered by the banks and the banks are into make profit on everything. Think about it. They need to have  3% of what is needed for an FHA loan in their vaults and 97% is from the government. Then they have the nerve to ask you to put up 5% for an FHA loan. Then they’ll reject the contract if the appraisal is off by 10%. The appraiser is not setting the market price … the buyer is!! make sure your real estate letters stress that you are the buyer and your are a confident business person.

3) The fact that you’ll buy as is

Investors have to have a vision of what the property will be or once was. We dream with the seller on the potential of changes with an injection of funds and talent. They become part of the solution to sell the house for a reduced rate to bring the property to its true potential. EVERY seller has asked if they can come back and visit my rehabs to see what I have done to the property. I always follow up with a Thank You Real Estate Letter for all of my successful deals.

4) The fact that you can make an offer within hours and close within days after viewing the interior

I still make a few phone calls before I put all of my numbers together. I use some fancy tools on my smart phone and look at actual project numbers for previous jobs  on my dropbox app as well. Who knew my brain fit in 1 TB?! one important thing to remember. Even though your real estate letter awoke them from the state of denial they were in before after they call you they are calling someone else. It is so important to get there fast and make offers on the spot.

5) The difficulty of getting a house ready for a traditional sale when you don’t live nearby

You know you have a deal when you can’t get a word in edge wise because the seller is so satisfied/excited to finally get rid of the property. They always tell me what work they’ve done. I always stop them …”Put the paint brush down! We’re going to rip that out!!” They’re paying retail prices and I’m paying trade prices. It’s night and day. I’ve seen my crew work ten or more jobs now. They can only go by those stars next to a company’s name in a paid advertisement. Guess what … The company bought the stars too!! Our real estate letters give the sellers confidence that we are the best solution for this emotional and business decision they are about to make.

6) The fact that vacant homes deteriorate and become magnets for unwanted invaders of both the two and four-legged variety

We also have had a few black snakes here in the Northeast US. My toddler was asked what to call a five foot snake in the basement. he yelled “Two and a Half!!” I was like “Wow, He is really good a math!!”  I had no idea his 12 year old sister was laying on the couch feeding him answers to freak me out. By the way in some markets I can’t give out the address to the internet because the copper will be out of the house within 24 hours.

7) The financial and legal liabilities of owning a vacant house

If your home is vacant for 45 days and you don’t change your insurance on your home … You don’t have home insurance

8) The stress of waiting to see if the buyer’s loan will close.

Cash is King!!


9) The stress of negotiating with a buyer.

I base my offers based on a Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO) Once I hit hat number I can’t go any higher. It’s just not a deal and i have to walk away from the property. Retail buyers will overbid based on emotions and winning and school districts. I am making a business decision and I would prefer my kids go to private school.

10) Occupant behind on payments

Most of my calls are from these landlords. My first task is to assure them that their tenant problem is not a problem (unless we’re in Washington DC).About 50% of the time we fix the tenant issue and don’t buy the property. either way … we are the life saver on the other end of the phone. 100% of the time this was someone who received my real estate letter and put it on the fridge “Just in case …” Aren’t you glad you’re gonna have kick ass real estate letters?!?!

11) The trouble with cash for keys

The owner is hit with closing costs. real estate agent fees, holding costs, double mortgage payments, inspectors, appraisers, Home Owner Associations and now they ave to pay the S.O.B. to leave. It makes them mental.

12) The inconvenience of having to keep the house “show ready” at all times.

And the inconvenience of having the house shown at any hour of the day or evening – and on week-ends. If you have a tenant then their schedule has to be considered as well.  I wear my fake insurance company shirt and do the safety inspection for the landlord. About two hours later i have an offer for the landlord and the tenant has no idea I am a potential new owner of the property.

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