All Handwritten Real Estate Letters include:

1) Mailing list of Absentee owners in your zip code ( you can use your own list – $0.07 discount per name
2)  Envelopes
3) Actual stamp
4) Blue handwritten ink on the inside on the actual letter.
5) Blue handwritten ink on the outside of the envelope for address of property owner
6) Blue handwritten ink on the return address
7) A letter to make Absentee home owners take action
8) My personal email and cell phone
9) Weekly mailing report
10) When you have them on the hook — Email campaigns for property owners
11) When you find buyers at the Networking Meetings — Business cards typed up by your VA (After you send a picture of course)
12) When you sign a deal!! – Email blast to regional buyers list for any deals you come across.

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