Bandit Sign While You Sleep

When we did Bandit Signs it was late at nigh at a busy intersection. I would plant the seed and say a little prayer that someone would call. They did!!
Then we started having the desire to move further and further away from where we live because we could catch more fish at those fishing holes.
Economically it made sense for us to hire someone else to do the work.
You can hire them to.
We call you to verify everything you have ordered. You will use the same format for all of our signs that gets results.
We give a picture of every sign we hang or stick for you and the latitude and longitude of the sign as well.
It can’t get anymore easier than this.

1 The sign with your number  $       3.75
2 No hassle of finding good people  $       0.50
3 GPS verification that the job was done right  $       1.00
4 Bandit sign shipped and posted  $       1.00
 $       6.25

Order now!!

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