Handwritten Letters are the Best Real Estate Marketing

Pound for Pound Direct Mail is still the champ.
51% of emails are deleted within two seconds of opening, and DMA research confirming that 79% of consumers act on direct mail, there’s a clear winner when it comes to getting home-owners interacting with you.

• Direct mail makes them “feel valued”
About 10 percent of our calls are people that feel obliged to call because they received a handwritten letter
• Direct mail is considered “more authoritative and informative” than email
• 27% more of campaigns which delivered high sales performance included mail than did not.
• Campaigns with mail in the mix achieved over twice the market share growth as those without.
• 70% feel that they “receive too many emails”
• 90% of “Millenials” believe direct mail is reliable and 87% like getting retail information/offers that way.

Now which direct marketing – Handwritten, All Printed, Yellow Letters, Post Cards?
We use all printed letters when we are working with industry partners.
We use postcards when we want to “touch” a list a certain number of times.
We use handwritten letters as the lynch pin to our sales funnel.
We have used yellow letters. They don’t get the write customers. 90% of the people call on yellow letters ask to be taken off the list and immediately don’t trust us with a letter that looks like a scam.

We use a list for six months and try to get at least 4 letters/postcards to that address. We mix in Google and Facebook advertising as well in the same zip code for the same six months. Did I mention bandit signs. We are branding in that area. 20% of the calls we get are in the fifth and sixth month of a campaign. We send contracts out on an agreed price on 20% of these calls.

Did I mention our letters are great. They are filled with emotion and imagery and make the owners want to do business with us. We want them to take action and they do.

Don’t weaken your brand by using yellow letters. Put your best foot forward and use handwritten letters.

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