Direct Mail Campaigns for Real Estate Investors

5 Touch Direct Mail Campaign

Send Your Potential Sellers Direct Mail Every 3 weeks Consistently!

  1. real estate marketingStart your campaign off right with a handwritten letter! Direct mail is still the best way to find deals. Greeting Cards are the best direct mail. It only makes sense. This will get opened and distressed owners will take action!!
  2. They didn’t respond to a informal letter? Here’s a formal letter. You let them know you’re serious and you are looking for properties. You’re strengthening your brand too!!
  3. Quick postcard to let them know you don’t give up! You want them to call.
  4. Large Funny Postcard. You’re trying to build rapport & you want them to call
  5. One last handwritten letter. You pour it on and see if you get the deal.

Your dedicated phone number on the mail pieces. You get an email when someone calls your line during the 3 month campaign. All mailing includes the mailing list, envelopes, stamps and customer support.

  • 10 Touch email and 10 Touch text message campaigns
  • Add a Facebook Ad campaign for $30 per month
  • Includes SEO reports and web support for 3 months

$5 for all five pieces.   (Minimum list of 100)

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