cleaning-woman-2This gig pays the same as a monthly cleaning service gig, but you do nothing ….

We are a victim of our own success.

We have successfully managed our clients Facebook Ad Campaigns and found out that there are $500 daily limits on Facebook per account.

We had to use everyone’s Facebook ‘Ad’ account.

Even my Mom’s!!

Needless to say … I need more Facebook ‘Ad’ accounts.

This has nothing to do where you post updates and videos.

This is another Facebook account to manage ads for your business pages.

If you don’t use ads … and want to get paid to not use ads … please contact me for monthly payments!!

I pay in cash, in person the first time in the DC area and can pay multiple ways after that.

  1. PayPal
  2. Venmo
  3. Check
  4. REI Letters services

The way to access this account is only from a desktop computer.

I don’t need to see your screen or download anything!!!

Call me at (703) 855 8289 to walk through the steps to get paid.


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