Here are some of our Secrets to Real Estate Marketing Success

  1. You have walked in the shoes:: This is an emotional pitch, not a business pitch. Are you willing to open yourself up and let them know something about you? Tell them a story of what has ever made you stay up late and worry. A real estate story would be better. Let them know that you have worries just like you. You are trying to build rapport. Be honest!!.
  2. Get To The Point: Pick two or three reasons why you will be the best buyer for this home, and make them distinctly recognizable. The more streamlined you make your message, the more memorable it will be. Be clear and polite, adding personal touches, but also be careful not to become so long-winded that the letter negatively overshadows the offer itself.
  3. Be funny/ Be local: Tell a joke. Over describe a funny situation. Submit one of your kids drawing of you. Have them a link a smile with the memory of you.
  4. Don’t Remodel The House: Planning on adding a second story or changing the landscaping? Don’t mention it. You might be correct that the seller’s sewing room would make a great workout room for you, but this isn’t the time. If you’re going to expand to create more bedrooms, you might be changing the seller’s favorite eyebrow windows in the roofline. They may have buried their dog under the tree you’re planning to pave over. The sellers may have awful taste, but homeowners are very protective of their homes.
  5. Present yourself as a stable buyer who will have no problem closing the purchase. A strong financial backing and a solid pre-approval from a lending institution is information that shouldn’t be left out. Including financial details in the attached letter, written in a polite but direct way, can reassure a seller that the transaction will close in a timely manner.
  6. Close With Clarity: Your excitement, motivation, and ability should be reiterated at the end of your letter in a quick recap. Remember that the sellers could be reading a few letters. Make sure that the closing of your letter reminds them of your best qualities and reinforces them and makes them take action.
  7. Add mistakes: Go back and add mistakes that are common. Forget to add a period at the end of sentence. Misspell octopos. Sellers hate perfect buyers.

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