Train to be a Real Estate Investor

Learn Basic Real Estate Investor “Assignment of Contract” that can make $10,000.00 every month.

Get it under for contract for cheap and sell it for cheap – keep your Rehabbers happy!!

Real Estate Investors call this “Wholesaling” or “Flipping Contracts”. Rehabbers will glad play you $10,000.00 to put their name where your name is on a great deal.

This is a great way to get into Real Estate Investing and never have to own a property.
No tenants and toilets – just cash!!


Besides the knowledge you will have access to great tools and resources for one year:

  • Distressed Home Owner Leads (Nationwide)
  • Access to Cash Buyer Lists (Nationwide)
  • Contracts (Wholesaling, Lease Option, JV Deals Wholesaling Deals)
  • Direct Marketing Real Estate Letters (Buyers and Sellers)
  • Access to MRIS (Real Estate Agent Access MLS in DC – This is worth the price of admission!!)
  • 25 steps for every wholesale deal (This makes your real estate business a business!!)
  • 5 Hours of a Virtual Assistant every month for one year
  • $250 of Google Ads
  • $200 of Bing Ads
  • Free Web Site Hosting and Email
  • Web Content
  • Lead Pages

All classes online and instructor led with one-on-one session to go over your goals for your business. This training is done when you understand all of the concepts and all of the tools or one year which ever comes first. Our alumni have access to other great tools and resources including the instructors.

Example of Alumni perks- $500 guarantee. Invest $2000.00 in your first deal with the instructors or other alumnus and you will be guaranteed $500.00 return in six months. This is only for the first deal but these returns are typical for great real estate investment deals.

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