podio2Podio is our third CRM tool.
We are trained in CRM tools.
If we had a unlimited funds when we first started we would have hired a team of engineers and never looked back.
But we didn’t – we used something that cost $100 a month and was designed for real estate. It missed the mark on a few CRM features that we knew were crucial to creating a system.
We then moved to a traditional CRM and massaged it so it could be a real estate CRM. It was cheaper ($80) and smarter than the first but we had to add even more bulky automation to our process for two accounts. No accounts for our Virtual Assistants !!
Now we are at Podio. It allows us to have powerful workflows to really put streamlined systems into our process.
It is extremely flexible.
We allow you to copy our tool right into your own version of Podio and get all of the changes and systems that we use.

Features you won’t know how you lived without them:

  1. Track other team members
  2. Automated  offers based on sq footage and zip code
  3. Measure the success of campaigns
  4. Integration with your VOIP lines for address verification
  5. Integration with your new or existing website (We handle everything, you pay $0)
  6. Integration with Google Ads
  7. Integration with Facebook Ads
  8. Craigslist keywords matches to your Podio  “to do” list
  9. All on the cloud … so no downtime
  10. Available on your mobile device
  11. Integration with your real estate leads and REI Letters purchased leads
  12. 200 leads for you zip code with your first payment (No need to upgrade to Handwritten Real Estate Letters)
  13. Built in Real Estate Virtual Assistant (3 hours per month)
  14. New features every month and full releases every year
  15. Five Basic Podio logins for $75 with 2 hours of phone support
  16. Over 100 Podio Installs under our belt with a friendly customer support
  17. About 100 more features ….

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