Real Estate Investor’s Dream

real estate handwritten lettersI have access to so many deals because of handwritten letters.

Here is the Investor’s Dream I had to share with you….

One of my REI Letters clients is retiring and ready to liquidate his portfolio and will make sure you make ridiculous returns.

These are Buy and Hold Properties with Tenants already in place — Already cash flowing!!
A Licensed Multi-State Realtor Property Manager is already in place
No fixing toilets just collecting rent checks.
You don’t have to Qualify with a Bank

Two months of insurance on your investor returns, if there is no tenant, until you break even on your initial investment.
You will probably Break Even within 24 months.
You are deeded on the property in the court house from the first day.
70 properties … Taking all offers!!
Investor retiring … Taking all offers!!
You choose the down payment!!!

$5000 down payment – $225 per month (54% ROI)
$2000 down payment – $85 per month (51% ROI)
Seriously — Taking all offers!!

These returns are after you account for Taxes, Insurance, Management Fees, and a Small Reserve for Repairs. These properties all well kept and some have been rehabbed within the last few years.

IRA’s and orphaned 401K’s welcome!! No need to be self-directed IRA!! Imagine making 50% in your 401K?!?!?

This deal is only for REI Letters Podio subscribers.

Use the service for six months. If you want to cancel your subscription you will get a FULL REFUND for your six month subscription. You get to keep the property no matter what your relationship is with REI Letters!!

If you are a subscriber for the Podio service and you refer someone who makes a down payment you are eligible for a 10% wholesale/assignment/finder’s fee and two free months of Podio subscription.

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